I ask for tough questions on my Facebook. I said I would answer them by doing Facebook LIVE from my Author’s Page. The first question was:

“What is your take on so many old movies being remade? Is it because Hollywood can’t come up with anything new on their own?”

My YouTube answer is here:

Otherwise, keep reading.

I don’t mind remakes of old Si-Fi or Fantasy movies. Because back in the day their reach exceeded their grasp.… Read more

Romantic love itumblr_static_love-with-you-wallpaper-800x480s already complex and mysterious but society’s understanding of it has now become terribly flawed by profound confusion and misapplication. Love has been unlearned, and often disabled. The windows into our souls have become more clouded. The roads are rougher and the cars are rundown.

Dark forces have attacked Love on many levels in our world. For me I see the attack in our media driven world. Because I enjoy studying story structure I see more people fall in love on the big screen at the theater or TV than in life.… Read more

1404913733_furyFury starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf- I did not like it. It’s as if Hollywood is trying to do to the WWII American warrior what they’ve done to the American warriors of Vietnam and Iraq – which is to make the exception the rule.

What I mean is, in these “serious” movies the American warrior/soldier is more often than not portrayed as morally bankrupt, lust-driven, alcohol soaked, knuckle-dragger, willing and eager to commit atrocities – and they usually throw in a naive, vexed, bible-toting young man, who loses his faith, to take a stab at Christians.Read more