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Out of Oblivion & A Couple of Recent Blood & Soul Reviews


Feelin’ kinda satisfied.

I’m a few days away from completing the first draft of Out of Oblivion, the next book in the Creed of Kings Saga. I suspect it will take a few more drafts before it goes to my editor, Andrew Doty at Like Blood & Soul the next book can be read separately.

Thought I’d share a couple of recent reviews of Blood & Soul. To see on Goodreads click here.… Read more

Great Progress

Chipping away.  After wasting some valuable time, I’ve finally got things in place for writing more. I’ve had big issues with my laptop and time over the last year. My laptop was huge. I loved the big screen. Some of you have seen it. It’s an anchor. It’s powerful. I think it could be used as a weapon. It’s lethal and it’s awesome.

But when I sit down to write at my favorite places it’s like setting up camp.… Read more

The Longest Way is Often the Shortest

In other words, I believe that if you rush things, take shortcuts, you only make mistakes or won’t choose the best route thus it slows you down and things get complicated. It’s an old adage – slow and steady wins the race.

I had to back up on the next book in the Creed of Kings Saga. Wow. Such revelations if you plumb the depths of your story. Out of Oblivion is shaping up nicely.… Read more


Lots of people are asking on a regular basis if I’m writing the next book. YES! I made huge strides during the editing of Blood & Soul on the next book. I wrote the outline to Out of Oblivion.  WhySpiritual-Awakening-Sedona write an outline you may ask? Well, I’ve written 5,001, even 10,001 words that got obsoleted by a change in the story. That is why I outline now and will continue to do so in the future.… Read more

People, creatures and places of Blood & Soul

A lot of readers have asked about the pronunciation of names in my book. Because the book is other-worldly I chose to make up names. 99% of fantasy fiction writers do this as well. I worked to make them easy to say. Below is a guide to pronouncing the words. Not a fancy dictionary type guide, but some helpful suggestions on how to sound them out and a micro bio.



Map of Agontica (Uh-gaunt-eeka). The Blood & Soul world.

Read more

Independent Film: The Unified Revival Tour

Matthew Bell – a part of the family where I work – went on a journey/tour last summer with his wife, brother-in-law and a 1976 Argosy travel trailer. This is more than just a little independent documentary. It’s packed with wonder and made with love, it shines through the whole 37 minutes, never missing a beat or striking a sour note. I loved it. Heartfelt. Authentic. Refreshing. I wanted to be there. The music, the mood, the vision comes through so sweetly and so moving.… Read more

The Day Dad and I Nearly Got Killed


Dad at his birthday party 2008. [Click the image for a bigger picture]

My dad passed away in 2012 but he and I nearly died together many years ago back in 1989. It was a day like today when we nearly had a car accident that, if caught on video, would have gone viral on youtube.

My dad was a quiet and unassuming man. He spoke with an east Texas accent that was so thick; to understand him you needed to be from Farmersville, Texas.… Read more

The Books of David Gemmell

losbThe books below are by David Gemmell. With respect to the series they are listed chronologically with the publication date in parenthesis. The first book I read by him was Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow. I quickly read the entire trilogy and it ranks in my mind as the best historical fiction I have ever read (and he was a fantasy writer).

Societies need heroes. So we travel to places where the revisionists cannot dismantle the great.

Read more

David Gemmell


From the Facebook page David Gemmell Novels

A picture and quote inspired from a book from one of my favorite fantasy fiction writers David Gemmell. I hope that I can approach his skill someday. I have literally wept tears of awesomeness reading his books. He wrote action-packed heroic fantasies that rang with realism. He infused his characters with great heart, great depth, mighty inner struggles and epic noble actions. I’ve read about two-thirds of his books.… Read more

The Zone

tenenbaum-a-vision-through-a-marble-1In the writing state—the state of inspiration—the fictive dream springs up fully alive: the writer forgets the words he has written on the page and sees, instead, his characters moving around their rooms, hunting through cupboards, glancing irritably through their mail, setting mousetraps, loading pistols. The dream is as alive and compelling as one’s dreams at night, and when the writer writes down on paper what he has imagined, the words, however inadequate, do not distract his mind from the fictive dream but provide him with a fix on it, so that when the dream flags he can reread what he’s written and find the dream starting up again.… Read more