I’m going to give this a shot here. I posted the following on Freelance.com. I was not satisfied with the bids. If you or someone you know can demonstrate they’re capable of doing any of the following on a professional level please contact me through my Facebook Page or email at allengbagby[AT]reagan[DOT]com. I will pay and they will get exposure on a fairly large-scale. Send them this info:

Author of upcoming epic heroic fantasy saga starting in early 2014 seeks hungry-for-success artist/illustrator to create images/art for a cohesive vision across multimedia; book cover, video promo/book trailer with text/image graphics (original epic music score provided) and website.

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A Crown of Swords was the first Wheel of Time ...I’ll be a published author relatively soon after conceiving and writing for six years. I’ve been agonizing over the word count of my first book, Blood & Soul. It’s 160k. I found this entry out there on the internet and thought others might be interested. This does not excuse chubby books. I’ll always strive for lean and mean storytelling. But, the info below made me feel a little better.

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Creed of Kings Saga BannerBandSsmallRevealed here for the very first time is a rough draft of the “dust jacket” of my heroic fantasy fiction book Blood & Soul. Think of it like movie preview or a teaser. I submit this work in progress for your cheers or jeers:

The face of the holy man glowed in the amber light of the campfire, “The myths and legends of Agontica tell the tale of a clouded world over two millennia ago ruled by darkness and demons until a man with godlike powers banished them to the mist of the underworld.

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I’ve written over a million words in the last few years about stories within this exotic world that I’ve been building called the Creed of Kings Saga. I’ve learned about a thousand lessons, many brutal. Some lessons seem impossible to learn, like not leaving words out. So much has been learned that is far more valuable than my seemingly inborn weaknesses and sins of the past such as not learning grammar better in school. Will I ever stop typing “where” when I mean “were”?… Read more

I’ve been staying away from facebook and blogging as I was days beyond the goal of finishing my project on Aug 31. Today, I crossed the finish line on the 7th draft. My first heroic fantasy, Blood & Soul, is complete!

It’s a standalone novel that launches an epic series I’ve dubbed, The Creed of Kings Saga. Technically you might say it’s in the can, meaning all the parts are there and in order. It needs buffing and finishing.
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I will never write another book…that I don’t thoroughly outline first! The yet-to-be-fully-edited book I “finished” two years ago was my first venture into epic fantasy. I did everything wrong. I started out trying to write pretty sentences on the first page and had no idea where I was going.

With Blood & Soul (the first in what will be a series of standalone books called The Creed of Kings Saga) I settled down a lot and worked on the story first by outlining, but things still got way way too complicated as my imagination chased rabbits way off the trail.

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Creed of Kings Saga BannerBandSsmallBroke through the midpoint of Blood & Soul today, the first book in the epic Creed of Kings Saga! The inevitable showdown between the hero and the villain is heating up.
This is the 7th revision. The goal is to trim fat and build muscle i.e…. cut hoakiness, and add emotional impact. It’s going great and fast!
Trying to get it “in the can” so I can focus on setting the stage for publishing by networking, promoting, and building a thematic look across them there interwebs.
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Happiness is an achievement. I think you should act happy even if you’re not. When I was a kid, the household could be in a holy terror sometimes; my brother, sister and me running around like wild animals. We’d bite, scratch, yell and beat. Then someone would start crying. My mom would come into the room to stop the madness. She’d come in yelling commands and making threats she was prepared to back up. Sometimes before mom could gain control, the phone ringing would rescue us.… Read more

I’ve been on a 5 year journey of writing and conceptualizing a heroic fantasy saga. For a couple of years I got lost in the confusing world of “no rules” style of how-to writing books (Can you say oxymoron?). Unfortunately, many areas of our postmodern world are full of new age “wisdom” such as “listen to the wind” or “stream of consciousness writing.” Granted, many writers find their story doing just that, but, in my opinion, it is a colossal waste of precious time when one has a fulltime job.… Read more