Saturday, Nov 1st and Sunday Nov 2nd , my e-book epic fantasy Blood & Soul  will  go on sale for only 99 cents. It’s been on the bestsellers list for 4 months. It’s 5 star reviewed. It’s regularly $4.99 here:

I hauled my laptop into diners and Starbucks’ around north Texas for the last 7 years writing Blood & Soul,  an ancient world of beauty and brutality, a time of sword forging and shield making, a place where myths are often true and legends are made.… Read more

1404913733_furyFury starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf- I did not like it. It’s as if Hollywood is trying to do to the WWII American warrior what they’ve done to the American warriors of Vietnam and Iraq – which is to make the exception the rule.

What I mean is, in these “serious” movies the American warrior/soldier is more often than not portrayed as morally bankrupt, lust-driven, alcohol soaked, knuckle-dragger, willing and eager to commit atrocities – and they usually throw in a naive, vexed, bible-toting young man, who loses his faith, to take a stab at Christians.Read more

Stonehenge_(sun)Here’s an update on books in the making, marketing, upcoming promo and letting go.

  • I’m deep in the pre-production phase of two books:Out of Oblivion – book 2 in the Creed of Kings saga, and Defender – a story that inhabits the Creed of Kingsworld that I’m working to weave into the saga in a smooth natural way because it deserves inclusion there. The blueprints of both books near completion. It looks like my characters will need a good health plan. 
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Went to see the Maze Runner last night. Yet another Dystopian YA book adaptation. I know people love The Hunger Games and Divergent books but I thought the Maze Runner was a better movie and the concept seems just as grand if not more grand than The Hunger Games and Divergent. Looking forward to the next one.… Read more

Before I tell you the FREE days (and the reason) let me catch you up because it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Blood_&_Soul_Frontcover_FinalAGB

  • Blood & Soul did this on July 30. Fantasy: #1 in Metaphysical & Visionary, #2 Epic, #2 Sword & Sorcery, #2 Coming of Age, #159 over all rank.
  • Blood & Soul is still on the bestsellers list and it’s been there for a solid month and a half in the fantasy niche Visionary & Metaphysical.
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Blood & Soul

FARMERSVILLE, TEXAS, July 26—Epic fantasy author Allen G. Bagby will give away his e-book version of his 5 Star reviewed epic fantasy BLOOD & SOUL.  “If writing a good book is like catching a fly with chopsticks,” says Allen, “Writing a great book is like catching a gnat with pool cues. Catching that elusive gnat is what I’ve gone all-out to do.” Regularly $4.99, catch it for FREE on Amazon starting July 29th through 31st here: more

I’m confident Blood & Soul deserved to be there, but I was honestly shocked to see it do so well with meager promotion on Friday. I’m not just talking. Here’s the screenshot to prove it.


Here’s a review from my editor:

This truly epic fantasy begins with action and never lets up. From humble, unassuming human emotions through world-changing, apocalyptic struggles, the heroes in this novel take a licking and keep on ticking. This story is a roller-coaster of strife and solutions, with insurmountable odds being toppled by perseverance and ingenuity.Read more

Today is the day! Buy Blood & Soul for $0.99. Thank you! If you wanna know more…keep reading.

Last night, blurry-eyed and exhausted, I uploaded the final edits to the First Edition of Blood & Soul on Kindle Direct Publishing for e-readers and CreateSpace for print readers. Blood & Soul has been in a preparation mode since I uploaded it about a month ago, without counting the 7-year, million-word brainstorm.

As a writer I’m at a loss for words and deeply moved by all the sacrifices good friends and colleagues have made to go the extra 100 miles in the last moments.… Read more

Here’s what early readers are saying about BLOOD & SOUL:

Just as the good guys are going to get a break, a new, bigger, more threatening menace arises. As in all good stories, the final resolution is climactic, memorable, and unforeseen.  DY

It pulls you in from the start with hints of intrigue, treachery, and something malevolent happening in the shadows…. The writing is immersive without being tedious. Most importantly, I find myself looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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Blood_&_Soul_Frontcover_FinalAGBAnyone reading this can self-publish a book. I swore never to do it because, in my opinion, it labeled the author as vain. Basically it meant the author’s book was below par compared to published authors. This is true for the most part. Paying somebody to print your book was vanity.  Getting published was like making the pros. But it also meant giant publishing companies would not take a chance on an unknown author. Who wants to push Stephen King or J.

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