What Do You Feed On?

What Do You Feed On?

I can’t become strong if I am primarily focusing on this debauched world and passing along that information to “raise awareness”. I stand on my platform and proclaim how awful things are to what end? This morning it hit me as I was listening to Mark Zuckerberg testify under the maniacal eyes of Maxine Waters (she is a nut). I watched her berate him, accusing him of all sorts of foul deeds. I don’t like either of these individuals. It was like watching fake wrestling, both in their silly costumes. I thought, “oh, oh, I need to share this!” and then I got a nauseating feeling.

What am I passing along but more drivel for the mill? I thought of all the stupidity and angst that I allow to flow through my soul. I have the calling of a prophet, to “speak truth to power” …so to speak. But a prophet is strengthened by God and NOT by consuming negativity (Lord knows I hate sounding like Tony Robbins). But, if I care about myself why do I focus and spread the negativity? I need to practice soul care. It will only weaken me if all I do is transfer evil throughout the day on Facebook. There are parents out there who love and care for their kids. Not every woman has had an abortion. I have to balance, even my righteous outrage with sources that nourish me. Bitterness and indignation can be like a 5-hour energy drink that I consume morning, noon and night it will drive me as mad as this truly insane world I see around me. It will finally engulf me. If it does then my voice will be lost.

Doesn’t the Bible tell us this? We will not win – in THIS world. The Devil and his dark minions will seem victorious. They will bring ruin upon this world colluding with mankind. The bible clearly says that this world, the one that murders unborn babies and mutilates healthy children is not our home. Christians are the aliens, the peculiar people. How unique am I if I just spread the bad news?

Today onward, I will try to be uplifting in some way and I will give a counterpoint the bad news.

The info junkie that I am has to call a halt to all this angst that passes through my soul because I feel toxic with so much disgust for this world. According to Christ, I should be at odds with this world. DUH! Most info that I feed on is negative. It’s typically about us losing our freedom at an ever-increasing rate. Donald Trump is a speed bump. Parents are losing their rights, a court giving the okay for a child to have his genitals mutilated by his insane mother (like little girls having their clitoris cut out in some Muslim ruled lands) is alien to me. More unborn babies murdered every day. It’s like Satan and his unholy horde is feeding off of an iniquity force that we are creating for them with our despair and anxiety. So, Satan and his dark minions grow stronger and bolder while we pass along the bad news. We forget the verse Philippians 4:8:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

That is where strength comes from.

Jesus said he would send a comforter. He did. It’s time I started letting that Spirit embrace and fill me, not scrolling Facebook to feed on despair.

Besides, I have a book to write.

Allen G. Bagby is an American author of fantasy fiction and an experienced blogger. His favorite and influential authors are David Gemmell, J. R. R. Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell, Terry Goodkind and C. S. Lewis. He is also influenced by movies such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gladiator and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Blood & Soul is the first book in the Creed of Kings Saga. It can be read alone. He independently published Blood & Soul in mid-2014. It hit #1 a couple of times and stayed five and a half months on Amazon's Top 100 in various related genres. He's currently writing the next book in the Creed of Kings Saga, the working title is Out of Oblivion. Website: www.allengbagby.com Twitter: @aspeakinghuman Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AllenGBagby/ Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/allengbagby

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