John Wick, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump

John Wick, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump

I saw John Wick: Chapter 2 over the weekend. This movie has a lot of brains …splattered on the walls. Was it well done? Yes! Check out Keanu Reeves practicing for the role. That’s why it has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes (at this point anyway). As said before, I go to movies a lot. It’s a hobby. I study story structure. If the story structure is great, the odds are the movie will do well. Wick has GREAT structure. A great Prologue reintroduces the character. The Setup has a solid “Call to Adventure,” which, in the good/great stories, is refused by the hero, but then events force the hero into action, which is where the “Door of No Return” or First Plot Point is. And, in this movie, Wick has a hardcore dilemma at the “No Return” moment. Two bad choices are at the hinge point. And that is life. He chooses the best bad idea and hijinks ensue. It was over the top with the brain splatter but I was engaged and entertained the whole movie. There are some pretty funny dark humor moments. And, I cringed inwardly even as I chuckled. I love Keanu Reeves’ understated style in these movies. It’s almost Eastwood-like. I think he would deliver “Go ahead, make my day,” with equal awe as my man Clint.


He was not married, he cohabitated. He did not feel bound by the rigid rules of Christianity. He was anti-smoking. He loved animals. He had an edgy mustache. He looked like a comedic movie star. He was a charismatic speaker. He strove to eat healthy foods. He wanted to ban guns. Sounds like a good liberal, right? <– That would be true and yet ultimately a fake narrative. And it would be our modern media description of Adolf Hilter. He was all of those things. All accurate and yet it gives you the completely wrong image of Hilter. That is exactly what CNN (and the like) did with Obama. They created a narrative, an image, a perception even though Obama was mentored by a man who literally was a card-carrying communist, Frank Marshal Davis. In today’s world you hear, “Image is everything.” and this is true if you’re willfully stupid. It’s more like a lie you agree to believe and repeat. The Fake Stream Media is telling you Trump = Hitler when the exact opposite is true. All you have to do is look at the Berkeley riots to realize the fascists were rioting, not the TEA Party. They are telling you I am a Nazi when the exact opposite is true. They are claiming Orwell is on their side when I see plainly that they are the puppets of “Doublethink“.

Here’s a cute update on the writing. Coincidentally, it’s a Pit Bull.

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