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Price Reduction on Blood & Soul and other stuff. :-)

All I have to compare is my own experience. Blood & Soul continues to sell a fewBlood_&_Soul_Frontcover_FinalAGB books a month with zero promotion and it’s been almost two years since publication. Although I’ve tried to understand why it’s still selling, I’m bewildered and happy about it. I could have promoted it more in the last year but I’ve been working on the next book, Out of Oblivion. At the end of the day (pardon the cliche…and the rhyme) I have to write more. The ideas for stories never stop and can cloud the current project.

A full time job is a blessing and a bit of a curse sometimes when it comes to writing the next book. I wish I could write full time. But until Blood & Soul, or perhaps some other book I write, sells a zillion copies, I’ll be working for a living, which is fine. I’m thankful to have a job in today’s job market.

As I write the next book I need to keep Blood & Soul “alive” on Amazon. I’ve decided to amp up the promotions.

As great as Amazon is they make some missteps here and there. I dropped the price of Blood & Soul to 99 cents today (Saturday 2/20/2016). I had the tweets ready to go and I had done a little social networking but Amazon did  not kick off the new price until 10AM this morning!

After this promo is done I will reduce the price drastically but it will be some time around Spring Break. But today and some of tomorrow the price on Amazon is 99 cents. Tomorrow, I think, it goes to $1.99 after 10AM tomorrow and gradually back up to $4.99 which, by the way, I think is a very fair price for the entertainment.

Please share Blood & Soul with your friends on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter. I NEED YOU. Yes you! No one else is going to help me get the word out but you the reader and my faithful subscribers.

Read the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads – they are great. Share the Amazon or Goodreads links. The reviews are not just from friends but from total strangers who’ve read and reviewed Blood & Soul and given it a 5 or 4 star rating. That is so awesome. If you’ve not reviewed it …do it! That’s how a guy like me gets some street cred. REVIEWS! 😉

Share the Youtube video as well. It’s here and it is the best book trailer I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. I spent thousands of dollars to create an incredible book trailer that would blow minds …and it will. SHARE IT.  I commissioned a conductor to create an original music score. It’s awesome. SHARE IT ON YOUR FACEBOOK and like it on Youtube. Thanks.

The future looks very good. I’m very excited about what I have in then works. See here.

After Out of Oblivion I’ve planned a book slightly out of sequence story from Ledarrin’s story, the Creed of Kings Saga. It’s reminiscent of Leon the Professional but set in a fantasy fiction world. The working title is Defender.

Also, I have a modern story in the brainstorming phase. At the moment, I’m categorizing it as a social thriller entitled “American Butterfly.

Thanks for subscribing. Spread the word. I truly, TRULY appreciate your willingness to let me enter your inbox.

The next book is being written! Enjoy the  trailer link. It’s worth it.

About Allen G. Bagby

Allen G. Bagby is an American author of fantasy fiction and an experienced blogger. His favorite and influential authors are David Gemmell, J. R. R. Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell, Terry Goodkind and C. S. Lewis. He is also influenced by movies such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gladiator and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Blood & Soul is the first book in the Creed of Kings Saga. It can be read alone. He independently published Blood & Soul in mid-2014. It hit #1 a couple of times and stayed five and a half months on Amazon's Top 100 in various related genres. He's currently writing the next book in the Creed of Kings Saga, the working title is Out of Oblivion. Website: Twitter: @aspeakinghuman Facebook Page: Goodreads Author Page:

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