Lots of people are asking on a regular basis if I’m writing the next book. YES! I made huge strides during the editing of Blood & Soul on the next book. I wrote the outline to Out of Oblivion.  WhySpiritual-Awakening-Sedona write an outline you may ask? Well, I’ve written 5,001, even 10,001 words that got obsoleted by a change in the story. That is why I outline now and will continue to do so in the future. You might think this is odd because I am a reader and writer but I am slow reader and a slow typist. I can’t afford to type and read oodles of info that will be obsoleted by a plot twist or new character. I just flat don’t read or type fast enough to keep circling back on already-written material. Thus, I spend a lot of time conceptualizing my stories for efficiency.

Out of Oblivion just got a huge change to (and better) the beginning of the story and I am so glad I had not already written in great detail the last 25%. I am extremely pleased with it. I’m so glad I didn’t spend months writing 25% (Part I) of the story that would be obsolete by a better idea. It came to me while walking and listening to Devin Townsend. The beginning I had was not bad. I thought it was quite good enough for me and in line with the story so far. But my main character was not being portrayed in a way that a new reader of the Creed of Kings world could identify with – my opinion. My goal is that each book in the saga can be read independently of others in the saga.

I like characters that go from flawed to better. Although it was a fascinating movie, I’m not a fan of Al Pacino’s character in Scarface. I like flawed characters that desire redemption or awakening and strive for it, however clumsily.

I have nudged my main character, Ledarrin, into that more interesting and intriguing category.

Out of Oblivion – 2016

Allen G. Bagby is an American author of fantasy fiction and an experienced blogger. His favorite and influential authors are David Gemmell, J. R. R. Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell, Terry Goodkind and C. S. Lewis. He is also influenced by movies such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gladiator and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Blood & Soul is the first book in the Creed of Kings Saga. It can be read alone. He independently published Blood & Soul in mid-2014. It hit #1 a couple of times and stayed five and a half months on Amazon's Top 100 in various related genres. He's currently writing the next book in the Creed of Kings Saga, the working title is Out of Oblivion. Website: Twitter: @aspeakinghuman Facebook Page: Goodreads Author Page:

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