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Word Counts of the Great Fantasies: Tolkien, King, Martin, Jordan

A Crown of Swords was the first Wheel of Time ...I’ll be a published author relatively soon after conceiving and writing for six years. I’ve been agonizing over the word count of my first book, Blood & Soul. It’s 160k. I found this entry out there on the internet and thought others might be interested. This does not excuse chubby books. I’ll always strive for lean and mean storytelling. But, the info below made me feel a little better.

I found the info below here:


If you are curious, here some samples. The numbers are approximate and should omit indexes, appendices and stuff not directly belonging to the text itself.

Discrepancies are often due to the fact that Microsoft Word consider “it’s” like one word, instead my data is measured considering it as “it is”, so two words. This can usually add a plus 5-10k compared to Microsoft Word wordcount.

Lord of the RingsJ. R. R. Tolkien (revised to be in line with the rest)

The Fellowship of the Ring: 187k. The Two Towers: 155k. The Return of the King: 131k

Total: 473k

Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World: 305k. The Great Hunt: 267k. The Dragon Reborn: 251k. The Shadow Rising: 393kThe Fires of Heaven: 354k. Lord of Chaos: 389k. A Crown of Swords: 295k. The Path of Daggers: 226k. Winter’s Heart: 238k. Crossroads of Twilight: 271k. Knife of Dreams: 315k.

Total: 3M 304k (official count)

Stormlight Archives – Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings: 387k (official count).

A Song of Ice And Fire – George R. R. Martin

A Game of Thrones: 298k. A Clash of kings: 326k. A Storm of Swords: 424k. A Feast for Crows: 300k. A Dance with Dragons: 422k. Total: 1M 770k

Malazan Book of the Fallen – Steven Erikson

Gardens of the Moon: 209k. Deadhouse Gates: 272k. Memories of Ice: 358k. House of Chains: 306k. Midnight Tides: 270k. The Bonehunters: 365k. Reaper’s Gale: 386k. Toll the Hounds: 392k. Dust of Dreams: 382k. The Crippled God: 385k.

Total: 3M 325k

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