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Author of the Creed of Kings Saga

Dear John Lennon

Dear John Lennon. That’s the title of a non-fiction book I want to write. I want to take each verse of his silly sentimental crap-song “IMAGINE” and make them into chapters where I systematically dismantle this liberal anthem and expose it for the absolute stupidity on a stick that it is. The meat of sacred cows is the tastiest. I think it would sell a few copies.

As a writer/storyteller, I laugh at the song’s childish, Marxist sentiments, but for a while in my life, as you perhaps did or do, I loved that song. I held up the cigarette lighter in the concert hall of my soul and swayed to the dreary melancholy self-righteousness of the song without questioning it. I wagged my finger, “maybe someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one[–you narrow minded stick in the mud.]” I failed to think through what it was actually promoting.

In 2013, the belief in the sacredness of the 60s ideals (which is what the Democrat ideal is) and the Beatles and all that good bit of rot make me think of the people who said, “We don’t like that negro music or rock and roll in this here town.” (Who where Democrats then!) But, alas, liberal message/ideal has been slick-o-fied by contemporary media, art, and culture.

When I tell stories of characters in my book, if there is “nothing to kill or die for” the story is road kill …and I will add so is existence itself if there is nothing worth dying for.

Lennon sings about life on earth, not heaven, because he’s already said don’t imagine heaven or hell, He wags a finger in your face when he sings, “I wonder if you can”. He sings about the ongoing liberal fantasy of Utopia, the persistent naïve belief that man can perfect man. As conservatives, we know this is impossible and we plan for it. We do not believe in the devine right of kings or the secular humanism of a Nanny Statist.

It is these types of songs, books, movies, education, and new age religions that have crept into the vacuum left behind when liberty-loving people retreated from the artistic and educational worlds. You can “get out the vote” all you want. But, if you ignore culture you are drawing from a dying source you are not cultivating.

My dear conservatives! CREATE! Stop thinking you can only help the world with one more vote or one more piece of legislation. The people who can appreciate your dreams are thinning out, seduced by weeds of political correctness.

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