Stuff I’m sick of seeing/hearing and why:

  • “Reading is good” Nope …depends on what you’re reading.
  • “Goals are good” Nope …depends on what your goals are
  • “Education is good” Nope …depends on what you’re being taught.
  • “Being yourself is good” Nope …depends on who you are
  • “Voting is good” Nope …depends on who you’re voting for
  • “Thinking is good” Nope …depends on what you’re thinking!

See a pattern here? We value action but not purpose.

“Just Do it” Really? Just do what? Pick my nose and flick the booger on your windshield?

4 Comments on “Stuff I’m sick of seeing/hearing and why:

  1. Thanks for the comment…and as I said to a comment on my facebook to one who took issue with my assertions:


    “And who is the judge of what is ‘worthy’, Allen? You? I guarantee you that even reading crap is better than being illiterate. Having goals IS good, and speaks of having a purpose. It IS the actions we take with the knowledge we gather than makes all the difference.”

    My answer:

    I’m talking about literacy here not illiteracy. Hitler had goals …I’m saying everyone needs to look at their motivations before they encourage others to take action via bumper stickers and slogans.

    …and to add to what I already said… N. Korea has a 99% literacy rate, yet they live in squalor and worship a dictator. If I’ve not made my point yet …germans with PHds managed death camps and sent Jews to gas chambers. So again …just because one can READ or just because one is EDUCATED means little if one has no ethical compass to guide ones knowledge.

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