Part II: Noises in the Other Room

I see my life, everyone’s life, as work in progress – I’m not finished yet! I’ve made terrible choices and few a good ones when dealing with these challenges mentioned yesterday about Jenny from Forrest Gump. Everyone does time for choices good and bad. Whether the debt is emotional or financial, in the physical or in the spiritual, it will be paid with sleepless nights, or a distracted mind etc. These ghosts haunt us until recognized and resolved. They will chase us out of windows into free-falls when we swear we were pushed but indeed seduced. At the price of peace self-deception reigns.

The wise do now what the fool does later. The issues of the Jenny types are a complete mystery to them. But, us the movie watchers, knew what the noise in the other room was. Instead of facing it, Jenny took a pill, ran away, drank a pint, and there are myriad reasons we ignore the obvious, too. I think we all have something knocking the other room.

I’m in a phase of life in which I realize this recognition and resolution must take place. Although I knew these things in theory when young, I ignored them to my ruin.

My days are full of things that crack the kettle. I’ve dropped my drumsticks too many times. I have stared at the stars as if they would move while I made music banging on a trashcan gilded with fool’s gold. With all these things in mind, I push forward, dragging my unfinished business in the court of the soul with me and I learn some new insight occasionally like a blind galaxy explorer finds a solar system. It’s those stars and worlds within the universe of your soul I wish to move, that is why I am drawn to write, not only blog entries but a heroic fantasy saga. Like me, it is a work in progress.

Perhaps you don’t even know what it is, but do you have something making noise in the other room of your soul that you are afraid to deal with?

4 Comments on “Part II: Noises in the Other Room

  1. That’s the story of my life… characters, plots, ideas, all clamoring in my mind–jockeying for first position, the chance to shine. It’s a constant struggle to tune them out while focusing on the one I’ve chosen for today.

  2. I took care of it when I began writing, but I used to have a lot of things haunting me before, problems that ruined my mood and that I didn’t even recognize.

  3. Perhaps this is not exactly what you were talking about, but I’m taking care of it this morning with some Cold Turkey. Google it…cold turkey: the free productivity program. I should blog about it. For Mac users its: Anti-Social – Mac/OS X Social Networking Block Software.

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