Thought Storms

There is a walking trail in my hometown. Since about 2002 I’ve been walking there periodically, sometimes daily. It was all rocks back then. It’s all paved now. It’s a straight path. I just walk or run up and down. The section I haunt is about 2 miles. There’s an old bridge. I pause there and consider…things. Yesterday, when I had nearly got back to my car I paused and looked back at the trail in reverie.

I imagined all of the times I had walked that path. I saw replicates of me – my incarnations along the trail walking throughout the years. I saw this until I was a multitude crowding my different selves.  Then I saw those little clouds, like in the comic books, containing my thoughts rising above my heads. My thoughts billowed like white smoke into the sky until they blocked out the sun. Like a  thunderhead my thoughts darkened with rain my thoughts struck like lightening. Then the storm blew itself out and the sun returned. I need to think up another storm.

I turned and walked on. The cycle continues. I’m pretty much the same, as is the path. Ah but the places I’ve seen in my mind. So it’s not so bad to get away from the world and social networking. I have hope in my little muddy thoughts.

Do you have a place like this?

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