Are Conservatives Fascist?

If you have a well functioning brain, ignorance is not bliss. Some ignorant people are very smart and plenty of high and low IQs are cluttered and trashed by the false-information age. So the field is kinda leveled between the brainiacs and knuckleheads.  If caught early, one can point them all in the politically correct direction.

Teach them it is high-minded to “question all” – which really means only question the Judea-Christian worldview, in turn offer answers that give a false sense of enlightenment. Make them feel like it’s a journey of discovery; puff them up with a narrow band of information designed for the desired outcome and get them looking in the ‘right’ direction. Make them feel good with high self-esteem. They will be the avant garde entertaining the idea that Christopher Columbus was evil and that the American Indian lived in the true garden of Eden, if there ever really was one, with the movies. The postmodern mind splits off in a million directions after that, becoming a nebulous purple haze, a world in which making distinctions is heresy. Like, I dunno, whatever.  The vast array of connections and contradictions would take a lifetime to explore and I doubt all the knots could be untied and cut.

Ignorant ‘liberals’, both smart and not so smart, have their binoculars out. They are high on the watchtower at the universities, mainstream media, Democratic Party and Hollywood. They are adjusting and cleaning their lenses, scanning the horizon for Swastikas on the brown uniforms of jack booted, goose-stepping soldiers. They superimpose these fascistic fantasies on ‘conservatives’, Sarah Palin, and TEA Party people, guided by Bill Maher and Jon Stewart and others. They ignore, socialism, the Green Movement, union bosses, and Michael Moore types. They deem those innocent. No one is blinder than he who will not see, as those movements are rooted in fascism. Nazi is German slang for National Socialism. The reason Nazis were labeled “Right Wing” is because Joseph Stalin, the socialist dictator of the USSR, did not like them. Our ‘liberal’ press pick it up from Uncle Joe, and ran with it. To this day people still refer to Hitler as a right winger, which then gets retro-fitted on to ‘conservatives’. Socialism, communism, “progressivism”, collectivism, are the most reliable tools of fascism. That has nothing to do with the cutting edge political system founded by the signers of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution, the spirit conservatives are trying to conserve is cutting edge.

Like a blindfolded child trying to pin the fascist tale on the republican elephant, ‘liberals’ try to pin Swastikas of fascism on us as they are covered in the completely innocent Peace Sign, a symbol of hatred for Christians in Rome under Nero. A sign that was waved along with the flag of the Viet Cong flag in DC in the 60s. They call our love of country, nationalism. You’re like the Nazis! Our belief in a good nation is called jingoism. Conservatives are not the ones who brainwash young women into thinking the murder of an unborn child is humane.

Although ‘liberals’ will admit, and sometimes take pride in, a kind of egotistic fatalism and insist that truth is subjective and always contextual, they are certain ‘conservatives’ are fascist (related to Hitler/Nazis) and stupid. If not kept under strict observance, ‘conservatives’ will get out of the barn yard, grab pitchforks and crucify gay people, disembowel minority children, kill Indians and enslave black people before midnight, with that belligerent Glenn Beck leading the charge. That’s what a lot of them think, just read their comments on yahoo.

Do you think  conservatives  are just a bunch of fascist?

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  1. I think it is one more proof that too many of Americans have never left the school yard. Instead of debating points of liberalism and conservatism, both sides (although it does seem epidemic of the liberals) start calling names when the debate gets too hot.

    Maybe if they want to stay on the playground rather than grow up and learn to disagree like adults, we should just respond with, “I know you are, but what am I?”

    Sigh. Probably not.

    Alas, the irony (in my opinion anyway) is that liberals are very fond of big government– clearly a Fascist concept. True political conservatism wants to limit government. It’s a bit impossible to be a Fascist if you don’t want the government that would have to control all that garbage… to have the power to do it.

    Just sayin’.

    • Kevin – Thanks for the comment. No, I have never read my own words. These words formed here over eons, kinda like a cage of chimps with type-writers that eventually compose Hamlet, blind random chance that gives the appearance of design.

      Could you please elaborate on your comment?


  2. Conservatives seemingly love to talk the talk of limited government. That is until you need it, then are first in line for goodies and freebies! Michele Bachmann…Tea Party Queen and Welfare Queen, loves to go on and on about socialism and how evil it is, but was first in line to collect a quarter of a million dollars in farm subsidies for a family owned farm over a 10 year period. And then, of course, there is her husband, who took over $100,000 in state and federal Medicaid funds for his “gay therapy” clinic. And then tell YOU, “Socialism will kill America” or “Universal Heathcare is the work of Satan” (but shhhhhh….she has government and tax payer funded healthcare, which is fine…but not for you). I suggest all “get rid of government” zombies take a 2 week trip to Somalia…please report back on how delectable little or no government works.

  3. Ike – Thanks for the comment.

    I don’t find justification for farm subsidies in the Constitution. If you find what Bachmann et al have done appalling, why are you not equally appalled about Universal Healthcare? Where do you find justification for Universal Healthcare in the Constitution?

    Conservatives are not anti-government, but, as you stated in your first sentence, want limited i.e., constitutional government, no matter the inconsistencies of various candidates. Those limitations are nothing like the anarchy in Somalia and your comparison is a false representation of what conservatives want. It would be like me saying that you want what’s in North Korea. And, I’m going to assume you don’t want that.

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