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Conan the Barbarian: Quick Review

Jason MomoaSince the updated Conan the Barbarian, Jason Mamoa, doesn’t have the convenient accent of Arnold, they made him do the Batman grunt/growl voice, which was a bit annoying. Over-kill on blood. Too much blood is just as unrealistic as no blood. To gory (gross) for my taste, there’s one moment when you blink and turn and people groaned at the grossness. Story structure was good but not well supported by a gimmicky plot in places. Unabashed with the naked women early in the movie, which is kinda silly, really. Fight scenes are great! The best scene, to me, was the first few sequences of the movie, of boy Conan. It’s a good set up but it falters and then survives on the scenery and fight scenes. The scenery is awesome, buildings and cities and such. Really cool. If you just wanna have fun, I guess it’s okay. I give it 2.7 Stars.

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