Cowboys and Whores and Feminism

Where is my John Wayne / Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending / Where have all the cowboys gone

-Paula Cole, from “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?”

Feminism! That’s what happened to your cowboy.

Many innocent men took the pink spear point of this ill-contrived mythology. It’s been poisoning cultural water since 70s, so women and children have suffered horrendously, too. Like us all, Paula Cole was incubated, birthed, and nurtured under this myth’s sky, but since she is female she’s been isolated and probably clueless as to why few men can sing her prairie song.  The contemporary feminist is less content with her life than her sisters of yesteryear are (this is a fact!), but she is addicted to narcissism, preening in the mirror or posing for a sexy facebook pic because that’s what really matters…and the bling.

One of the major underpinnings of modern feminism is a belief that a woman is just like a man, emotionally and mentally, that roles are fictional and imposed due to cultural imprints alone. “Equality” is gained by freeing the female from “misconceptions” of a repressive past such as fetus, family, and husband. She has exchanged them for a pet, plants, and career. Thus, many of the smartest, most educated women in the western world became moral idiots and now reap what Gloria Steinem sowed, which, among other things, has produced more grandparents than grandchildren. This version of feminism seeded mainly in the sixties in the universities. It graduated, branching into the culture and has matured completely. One can see it almost everywhere. Indoctrinated, bright women articulate a message very well to multitudes of little girls and teens robbing them of common sense. They play the pied piper hypnotizing the world, leading their victims sweetly to death of values, causing social instability, marriage and families crumble under their “liberated” feet.

In a way, they are right, that men and women are the same; each gender is polluted by feminism. Both are the same in their inability to teach young people how to grow up. If this was Athens,  Socrates would be a pimp and Athena a whore. We are, and are going to be, reaping madness in – historically speaking – a very short time, perhaps tomorrow.

Years ago, I heard a foretelling movie line from a guy. It stuck out as if mustard spilled on screen. The female was seducing him as he was growing ….a conscience. He said, “I’m getting tired of casual sex.” A throwaway line I never forgot. Women wanted to be like us and we got tired of it, because the emptiness of casual anything is, not what real men really want. But, we are raising boys with a loaded trigger happy penis to walk and live among these “women” who behave like…whores. It’s not odd for the girl to bring the condom on a date. Girls in the mall dress like hookers I saw in the 80s. Boys can’t be mature men. These boys take advantage of these “whores” and then are burned themselves when they decide they are getting tired of casual sex. But, these boys don’t know how to grow up. The step toward morality is an evanescent urge. There’s not a real Socrates in the meta-fiction reality in which a boy now thrives; no one to teach him or show the way but idealized “liberal” and postmodern men standing as a passive posing proxies on concert stages and action movies. These idols have little wisdom and what passes for real wisdom is a caricature. Boy’s “mature” or “earn stripes” by becoming more debauched. They get the now cliché tattoo, shut down morally, and brood emotionally—the appearance of tough—isolating in the iPod or game from the chance of real intimacy with a real female. If chance presents itself, a boy can’t grasp an opportunity if a grown up girl comes walking by. He fears her. I can’t talk to her. She is a wild creature from another world. The indoctrinated girl cannot seize the real man; instead, she attracts a passive worshipful wimp when she unfurls her alien expectations. Perhaps I was one these boys for a portion of my life in the Matrix. It was in the air I breathed. But, even my male drives couldn’t and can’t overwhelm my hope for true love with one real woman unencumbered by the false enlightenment of Gloria Steinem. Just as a career, a pet and a potted plant can’t really meet a forty year old woman’s innate longing for home and hearth, I can’t really abide a narcissistic woman but the garden of life is full of these flowers. They are so popular, even potential impersonates them.

It’s hard to find something as self sabotaging as modern feminism. It destroys the little girl, the teenage girl, the young woman and makes the elder woman a hag. That’s what happen to the cowboy and the prairie song, exchanged for a career, a cute pink car, and a pet. No raise will hug the feminist deep in the night and a pet won’t open the door or say ‘I love you’, and buy flowers – just because.

So what are many boys singing? Deep inside I think they are singing something like Switchfoot:

We were meant for so much more

Not such a happy ending.



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