National Suicide Prevention

Deprive people, movements, and nations of nutrients both psychological and spiritual, send them into existence with the thin gruel of a world lacking truth and love, they will be committing suicide like Britain. Instead they smoke a pack of “No Truth”, drink a pint of “Uncertainty” and snort lines of “Existential Hopelessness” ….to stave off the pain coping with a reality they choose to ignore or just a psych bullet to the brain.

Look at secular Rock and Roll. It is not immortal. Sorry Ozzy, girl-pants-boy is participating in the self annihilation of his host, Rock and Roll, his sucking it dead dry with his postmodern quasi-angst. Just go listen to the current batch of so called Rock music. It’s not me being an old fuddy-duddy. I drive around and tune in. I explore music. I should probably grow up. There’s an oasis here and there. Mostly, the limp angst I hear in rock music today is inarticulate drivel at best because emotions are seemingly incomprehensible to the band’s lyricist, products of our headless culture. Today’s emo-rock comes off sounding like an immature little boy with a mans voice. Sounds like he is in his highchair pissed at the world because mommy took his Xbox. So now, he’s got bed-head, he’s smoking a joint and wearing girl pants. Wow, how different, what a rebel! Just turn up it loud, they’ll equate volume with authenticity.

Guess what else isn’t immune to suicide, that self destruction in London we see: The USA. Most of us think we can leave our nation untended, like a natural garden, and it’ll just keeping growing and going like the sun and seasons. To protect civilization’s vitality most just rattle off slogans, stupid slogans like “Make love not war” or “Think globally, act locally” or slap on a bumper sticker that says “COEXIST” or “Free Tibet”. We embrace the platitudes of tolerance, repeat things like “There are no absolutes”. Our civil world might make you feel good about yourself but crumble while you feel good basking in your enlightenment or bemoan someone’s so called narrow-mindedness. A large section of our cultural understanding, tolerance, and open-mindedness went to Sweden because it was upset with mommy and daddy, smoked a joint and decided America was a blight on the world because maryjane’s not legal. Grow the *eff up! Can you think of something original for a change? I’ve heard that since the 70s in unison watched my world go mad. I believed the hooey in my youthful naivete. The USA has bedhead and is wearing girl pants. Children are inconvenient and out of style. We aren’t growing in any vital area.

The USA is dead unless we  start a suicide prevention center.

Note: Eff – My ‘word’ for the F-bomb.

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